Vancouver to Calgary: A week’s guide on the road


Vancouver is a great place to start a road trip in Canada, and Calgary is a great place to end it – especially with this guide.

There are many breathtaking and exciting road trips one can take in Canada, some spanning days, weeks, or even months. For example, people like to do the Sea to Sky highway road trip in British Columbia, the Montreal to Gaspesie road trip in Quebec, the Icefields Parkway road trip in Alberta, or a road trip in the Interlake region. in Manitoba. Along the way, they’ll be thrilled with the marvelous views and incredible sights. Plus, they’ll enjoy the stops and take part in the many activities they’ll find in the cities they visit.

However, there is a unique road trip people should take through the Canadian Rockies, and it only takes a week to complete. The road trip from Vancouver to Calgary offers breathtaking views of rolling prairies, turquoise blue lakes and the peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Here’s how to enjoy this fantastic road trip in seven days.

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Here’s how to start the road trip from Vancouver

Those making the road trip from Vancouver to Calgary should start by taking in the best sights of the incredible city they are departing from before taking the Sea to Sky Highway to Whistler. Those with more free time can stop at Squamish.

  • What to do: People who stop in Squamish can enjoy unique attractions, such as the Sea to Sky Gondola and Shannon Falls.
  • Duration: The drive from Vancouver to Whistler takes approximately 90 minutes.
  • Where to stay: People are recommended to stay at Legends Whistler. The hotel is based in Whistler Creekside. This area is much quieter than central Whistler and more suitable for families.
  • What to eat: In Whistler, people must visit Sushi Village for the most delicious sushi ever. Children who do not like raw fish can eat delicious chicken skewers, seaweed dishes and rice dishes.

People can spend the second day of their road trip exploring Whistler’s unique biking trails. For example, the city is known as the extreme sports capital of Canada, and mountain biking is the most popular thing to do during the summer in Whistler.

  • Recommended: People are advised to take the Valley Trail in Whistler. The latter includes 40 kilometers of paved trails from Creekside to Whistler, with splendid views of the lakes and plenty of playgrounds along the way.
  • What to eat: For dinner, Creekbread is a great option in Whistler. The restaurant serves delicious pizzas made from fresh, local ingredients.

Here’s where to go after Whistler

On the third day, before leaving Whistler, visitors must take in the magnificent mountain views in town. To do this, they must ride a gondola or go hiking. However, to save time, booking a gondola is more recommended. Most gondola tickets include access to the Cloudraker Skybridge and the Peak2Peak Gondola, which takes people from Whistler Mountain to Blackcomb Mountain. Another activity to do in Whistler for those with more free time is the zip line.

In the afternoon, people can leave Whistler for Kamloops. They will have to travel 300 kilometers from Highway 99 to Cache Creek, then on Highway 1 to reach Kamloops. The trip needs 4 hours to complete. However, most people won’t notice the time thanks to the scenic views they discover along the way.

  • Where to stop: Since the trip from Whistler to Kamloops takes 4 hours, people will have to stop for something to eat. They are recommended to try Hungry Herbie’s in Cache Creek.
  • Where to stay: People are advised to stay at the Hampton Inn by Hilton in Kamloops.

The next day, people leave Kamloops for Tête-Jaune Cache. Along the way, they are advised to stop at Clearwater to witness the fascinating Dutch Lake and also enjoy a good swim.

  • Where to stay: In Tête-Jaune Cache, it is recommended to stay at the Terracana Ranch Resort.
  • Where to eat: People are advised to dine at the Riverside Cafe at Tete Jaune Lodge. They can taste the delicious buffet and admire the unique views from the tables by the river. After dinner they can walk over the old railway bridge.

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Here’s where to go after Tête Jaune Cache

After leaving Tete Jaune Cache on Day 5, people will witness the marvelous views of Robson National Park on Highway 16 and the unique beauty of Mount Robson. In addition, they can see black bears and other wildlife there.

  • What to do: People are encouraged to visit Jasper National Park, Athabasca Falls, Sunwapta Falls, Athabasca Glacier, and Peyto Lake.

On Day 6 people will experience the unique Banff National Park and fascinating lakes including Lake Louise. They must also have Banff Upper Hot Springs on their roster.

On the last day of the road trip, and before leaving Strathmore, people will enjoy the loop to Drumheller and back down to Calgary. Kids will especially enjoy Drumbheller since the town is all about dinosaurs. People love to visit the Royal Tyrell Museum, Horse Chief Canyon, Bleriot River, Orkney Viewpoint, Rosedale Suspension Bridge, Hoodoos and more.

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