These cottages for rent by the sea in Gaspésie have a spa that you can reserve for yourself


the [ÈST] The Eco-cabins glamping site in Quebec’s Gaspésie region is a destination for those seeking luxurious solitude this summer. The offering features modern, comfortable cabins for two nestled in the woods and a new spa that is only available to guests in private three-hour windows.

The concept eliminates the worst part of the spa experience: crossing paths with wet and noisy strangers. Private booking means you can stroll casually between baths before retiring to your secluded accommodation.

The spa includes a dry sauna, steam room, cold bath, hot tub, and indoor and outdoor relaxation areas.

Located in cedar groves, the cabins, called [thuja]are “designed to create an experience of being close to nature”, according to the [ÈST] website.

Large bay windows seem to blur the distinction between inside and outside. Fire pits allow guests to extend their living space into nature.

Each cabin is also equipped with a kitchenette (burners, mini fridge, toaster oven), as well as a compost toilet. The site has a separate “toilet block” with three full and private bathrooms.

[ÈST] also has cabins that can accommodate up to five people. the biggest [ublo] have the same amenities as [thuja] (kitchenette and composting toilet), but, perched on top of a cliff overlooking the Baie-des-Chaleurs, promises “breathtaking” sea views.

At the time of writing, the two people [thuja] cost between $169 and $189 per night for dates between May and August 2022. The [ublo] cost between $216 and $256 per night for dates in the same period, although most summer 2022 weekends are already booked.

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[ÈST] Glamping in Gaspésie


  • cabins for two people [thuja]: between $169 and $189 per night for dates between May and August 2022
  • cabins for four to five people [ublo]: between $216 and $256 per night for dates between May and August 2022

Where: 107, route de Miguasha O., Nouvelle, QC



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