The Gaspésie region of Quebec has an emerald river and you can swim at its waterfall this summer


The emerald river and waterfall at the eponymous Emerald River Park in Percé will be open to visitors again this summer, a spokesperson for the Municipal Tourism Office confirmed to MTL Blog. The shallow creek at the eastern end of Quebec’s Gaspésie region gets its enchanting dark green hue from the rocks at its bottom, according to regional tourism website.

The place where the river flows over a low outcrop into a vast natural pool is a popular summer destination for photos and even refreshing swims.

As the area is not supervised, swimming is not recommended but authorized, specifies Tourisme Percé.

To get to the site, visitors must walk 700 meters through the park on what the tourist site describes as a “rather rough path”. They must then climb 100 steps to reach the waterfall and the basin. The site is not wheelchair accessible.

Percé has yet to confirm admission prices to the park this year. The spokesperson said they would likely be released in May.

In 2021, admission was $8 for anyone over 12. Children 12 and under could access the park for free.

Potential visitors are encouraged to consult Tourisme Percé website for updates.

The details we have so far are below.

Emerald River & Waterfall in Gaspésie

Price: to be determined

  • In 2021:
    • $8 for all ages 13 and up
    • Free for all ages 12 and under

Where: Emerald River Park, Percé, QC

Why you should go: To see this hidden natural wonder and maybe even go swimming (at your own risk!).

Before you go, check out our Guide to Responsible Travel to be informed, be safe, be smart and above all, be respectful on your trip.


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