Small town in Ontario named one of Canada’s top vacation destinations


It’s been almost a year now since the COVID-19 pandemic triggered Toronto’s first lockdown, making the prospect of traveling anywhere seem complicated and unwise (if not downright impossible.)

Although we have never been legally prohibited from leaving the country, many Canadians have nonetheless refrained from going abroad in the past 12 months out of consideration for public health and, perhaps more likely, out of fear – fear of getting stuck, fear of being sick, fear of ending up with a massive bill, or fear of being publicly humiliated.

The restrictions on international travel are the tightest they have ever been in Canada right now, but citizens’ resolve to stay put is weakening: endless blockages are making us miserable. Holiday vibes would help.

Step into your own proverbial backyard: other places in Canada!

No, a fun wine tour with your daughters won’t replace a week in Jamaica, and it’s hard to imagine a Canadian city that can rival Europe in terms of architecture, but our home and our homeland have a lot. to offer.

The folks at have just published a new ranking of the top 20 “best places to travel in Canada for 2021” based on a survey of travel journalists across the country.

The South Okaganan in British Columbia, Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia and Banff National Park in Alberta took the top three places, followed by Dawson City (Yukon) and Victoria & Cowichan Valley ( BC)

Sixth on the list, however, is Prince Edward’s own county in Ontario, just a two-and-a-half-hour drive east of downtown Toronto.

“Stretching over just over 1,000 square kilometers (600 miles), Prince Edward County is a gem of an island dotted with riches around every corner,” the rankings read.

“Nature abounds here in vast open spaces while the charming communities of Picton, Wellington and Bloomfield delight visitors with their artisan shops, farmers’ markets and global cuisine.” talks about the region’s booming wine scene, sandy beaches, wildlife observatories, nature trails, orchards, farms, parks and a very cool lake on a mountain.

“You won’t be able to do it all in one day, so spend the night in unique and innovative accommodations – the lack of brand and chain hotels adds to the charm,” the ranking reads. “Rustic options include campgrounds, RV parks, and motels. “

PEC is unlikely to want to welcome visitors to Toronto while we’re stuck in the gray lockdown zone (they’re in the green right now), but it’s good to know there is a top-notch vacation spot all around. away for when things open up again a bit more – a situation where no passport or mandatory quarantine is required.

Here is the full ranking of the 20 best places to travel in Canada for 2021.

  1. South Okanagan, BC
  2. Cape Breton Island, NS
  3. Banff National Park and Lake Louise, AB
  4. Dawson City, Yukon
  5. Victoria and Cowichan Valley, BC
  6. Prince Edward County, ON
  7. Gaspereau and Annapolis Valleys, NS
  8. Quebec City to Tadoussac, QC
  9. St. John’s & Irish Loop, NL
  10. Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
  11. Golden and Revelstoke, BC
  12. Niagara Region, ON
  13. Georgian Bay, ON
  14. Gaspesie, QC
  15. South Shore, NS
  16. Shediac-à-Saint John, NB
  17. Tofino and Pacific Rim National Park, BC
  18. Saskatoon and Prince Albert National Park, SK
  19. Kelowna, BC
  20. Pukaskwa National Park, Ontario


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