Over 60% of Montreal workers have returned to the office, survey finds



The number of Montrealers who abandon certain aspects of the “work from home” culture and return to work at least part of the time has more than doubled since June, according to a new survey by the Montreal Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Léger.

President and CEO of the Montreal Chamber of Commerce Michel Leblanc said in a press release that the number of people returning to the office, full-time or part-time, rose from 28% in June to 47% in August, to 61% in the current survey – which was conducted from October 26 to November 5 of This year.

The results show “once again that the return of workers to the office is underway,” said Leblanc. The most recent figures, which include 29% returning full-time and 32% a few days a week, are “a very promising step forward for the revitalization of downtown Montreal,” he said.

The Chamber said its main goal with the survey was to find out what managers and employees think about the return to a shared workspace. The survey focused on the feelings of managers and workers regarding issues such as mental health, vaccine passport use, and resuming face-to-face work and business.

The results show that 71% of workers are comfortable with returning to work in person. And for 62% of those who returned to the grind of regular office life, the ability to work flexible hours was a big incentive.

At the same time, a majority of people surveyed – 76%, up from 78% in August and 84% in June – still like working from home.

The impacts of working from home were nonetheless notable, with 40% of people reporting a loss of team spirit and around 29% struggling to maintain a healthy work / life balance.



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