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Renner Loan! At Renner through “Realize Financial Solutions at Lojas Renner SA” it is possible to do some types of financial transactions, among them Personal Loan – In this type of personal loan, the client Renner can request a loan with amounts up to R $ 3,600.00, the operation is simple, the contractor leaves the store with the money in his pocket. Loan on time no frills. The payments of the installments of the Renner loan are made through the payment of the amount and the total of the parcels already defined.

Personal Loan with Check – In this type of credit, the client Renner who opts for this solution, borrows money up to R $ 10,000, can choose the amount of installments he wants to pay, the operation is completed with the delivery of the total of check sheets chosen in the plan, the value of the installments are fixed, and the payment is made month by month. The checks of the operation can be of common checking account or sheets of checkbooks.

Fast Cash – With Fast Cash, the Renner customer asks for up to R $ 450,001 and leaves the store with the money in hand , the loan is fast, quick and bureaucratized. Payments of installments of the Fast Loan loan are made with a license, with value and total of the defined parcels.

Advantages of Lojas Renner’s financial products

Advantages of Lojas Renner

1 -) Easier to install, 4 to 15 times;

2 -) Guaranteed fixed installments;

3 -) Release the money at the same time, with the Quick Release;

4 -) Deadline of up to 30 days to start payments;

5 -) Attendance in the hours of operation of the Stores, while it is open;

6 -) The amount borrowed does not change the limit for purchases at Lojas Renner;

7 -) The Rapid Release has a pre-approved limit for Renner customers.

On September 28, Reuters issued a note on Renner’s new plans related to interest rates on its credit operations.

Read the integration: Lojas Renner’s financial products will have interest reduction.

Learn more by watching the Renner Video with some information about your financial products.

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Lojas Renner SA is a network of clothing and accessories stores established in Rio Grande do Sul and active throughout the country, directs its sales to the female, male and children. It began its operations in 1912, when at first its activities were factory and of the then “AJRenner” Group, after some time to Lojas Renner it dissociated itself from the group founded by “Antônio Jacob Renner”, beginning the format of store that we see today by the Malls

Currently Lojas Renner SA is the second largest Department Store in Brazil, with more than 165 stores, as well as 30 Camicado stores and 3 Blue Steel stores (data for 2011). It is a gaucho company, its headquarters is in Porto Alegre, the retailer that had plans to be in Brazil the largest and best department store, changed its strategy within its corporate concepts in 2011, and at the moment the goal is to be the largest and Best Department Store of the Americas.


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