Financing and Credit for Companies in Judicial Recovery

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Companies in court recovery , where, how and when to hire credit to save your business? In recent years it has not been easy in the business world, especially for micro, small and medium entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. With the crisis in Brazil, many companies have been forced to review their spending and many can not pay their creditors on time. This situation is extremely damaging to the local economy and to the country as a whole.

But how do you get credit for companies undergoing judicial reorganization? When a company goes into recovery, the risks are increased for employees, suppliers, creditors and consumers when they have long-term services.

By doing containment, today there are several ways to recover and save a company from ruin. Business owners, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs can finance loans to judicially recoup the business or trade, decree bankruptcy, or, if at all, sell it.

Credit for companies in recovery


Credit for companies in recovery


As this is a problem that has affected many companies, the government has offered some conditions so that they can recover and return to the market best. Lines of credit and loans financed have helped a lot of people to recover from the tightening. 

Companies undergoing judicial reorganization can benefit in several ways from these credits offered by BNDES and other funders. If your company is in this situation, research well, see if these lines of business credit work for you and can afford this funding. Maybe getting extra credit can help your business get better and better than before.


What does it mean to be in court recovery?


What does it mean to be in court recovery?

Judicial recovery is a very delicate situation for a company. Being in court recovery means the company is failing to pay its creditors. Judicial recovery is one step before bankruptcy.

The company must file a lawsuit for judicial recovery. This request will allow him to negotiate with the creditors a better way to be able to pay his debts. The owner has 6 months to make a deal with the lenders. If in 60 days the company does not present a recovery plan, the judge may order bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is also another process by which the entrepreneur will try to save his business.

It is good to keep in mind that the company that is in a situation of judicial recovery has its actions stagnant. Trading of these shares is suspended on Bovespa. Judicial recovery is a process that, despite all obstacles, can occur in a quiet way. The company needs to chart a strategic plan and negotiate intelligently with the creditors. Recovery is possible and credit lines can help you in this difficult time of your company.

Investing in companies undergoing judicial reorganization is a good business.

As times are tough and many companies are looking for credit to survive, the government provides good conditions for those who need to survive judicial recovery. Another important factor is that assisting in the recovery of companies in this process has become very lucrative.

☛ Loan market for corporate investors
☛ Loan to purchase small and medium-sized enterprises
☛ Loan for acquisition of bankrupt companies
☛ Find working capital for companies in difficulty
☛ Anticipation of receivables for companies
☛ Instant business loan applications

Credit institutions, banks, factoring, investment funds and the federal government itself are earmarking resources specifically for companies that are undergoing judicial reorganization. This is because investing in these companies can be safer than in a company that is not in this condition.

How does it work and how do I get credit for recovery?

One of the easiest ways to get credit for your company while it is under judicial reorganization is by the BNDES. In 2016 the National Development Bank developed a line of credit only to recover these companies.

The BNDES has declared that it will provide around 4 billion reais, through accredited financial institutions, to the line known as the Support Program for Strengthening the Capacity to Generate Employment and Income (Progeren), with lower interest rates. This line of credit serves to help your company to recover BNDES has created a line of working capital, with the objective of helping companies that are going through this situation.

To get the credit offered by the Developer Channel (MPME), you must access the program channel. In this channel there will be a form where you will answer some questions. The BNDES sends to the interested banks and you receive the answer in a short time. This line of credit is for micro and small businesses. If your company is larger, you can finance the loan through other lines.

Being in court reorganization does not necessarily mean that your company will have to file bankruptcy. Evaluate your conditions, negotiate. Use the credit and get out of the way! Nothing better than starting next year with everything in the pipeline!


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