Environment Canada has issued a snowfall warning for these regions of Quebec


In addition to Montreal receiving its first snowfall of the seasonQuebec as a whole obtained close to 50 centimeters of snow last weekend – proving that winter is coming with a hell of a vengeance. Well, it looks like the snow conditions aren’t going anywhere as Environment Canada has issued some weather alerts for various parts of the provinceincluding a snowfall and snow squall warning.

EnviroCan has issued a snowfall warning for the regions of Anticosti, Forillon National Park, Gaspé, Percé, Grande-Vallée and Sainte-Anne-des-Monts in Quebec where “nearly 15 centimeters of snow are expected sunday “.

Although the cold and snowy weather should improve on Monday morning, the conditions are going to get really rough, really fast. Northwesterly winds are expected to develop late Sunday which could significantly reduce visibility in local areas.

Considering that the rapid accumulation of snow could make travel very difficult in some places, the Federal Weather Service is urging the public to “adjust [their] driving in changing road conditions.”

A snow squall warning is also forecast for the Temiscamingue region of Quebec from Saturday afternoon into the evening. “Beneath the bands of snow squalls, visibility will be greatly reduced and heavy snow will accumulate quickly,” EnviroCan said.

Conditions are currently favorable for the formation of snow bands that could bring heavy snow, winds and near-zero visibilities. Traveling during this period can be extremely dangerous due to sudden weather changes.

Stay safe this weekend!


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