Cottage industry: demand for seasonal rentals in the province explodes among Quebecers


MONTREAL – As Quebeckers consider summer travel options limited by the global pandemic, they are once again looking to the great outdoors in their provincial backyards for a safe vacation.

Hotels and self-service accommodation booking platforms say demand, just like last year, is being driven by domestic holidaymakers and some are even planning beyond the peak summer season to find the best bookings.

“Just now […] I saw a reservation coming in for Christmas, so some people take the opportunity to book their holidays a little in advance, ”said Dany Papineau of WeChalet, adding that the inventory is half reserved during traditional holiday periods such as holidays. of construction and celebration. national.

Hotels in the popular Gaspé region are also seeing an increase in demand from Quebecers, but that does not entirely compensate for the loss of bookings from international tourists and tour operators, according to a hotel group.

“We’ve been seeing a lot better pickup over the past three weeks,” François Rioux of Riotel Group told CTV News. “[Daily reservations] doubled in the last two, three weeks.

For those looking to get away from it all this summer, Papineau suggests booking early.

“If you wait too long until late spring or until June, pretty much all of the big inventory is going to be gone. It’s going to be really hard to find something, ”he said.

Summer is, as they say, just around the corner.


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