9 Of The Best Places To Vacation In Quebec This Summer


With tons of travel restrictions around the world, Montrealers might be wondering about a possible Quebec vacation they could take this summer. If backpacking in the rest of Canada doesn’t sound too appealing, how about taking a trip to your own backyard? Luckily for you, Quebec’s tourism industry is booming right now and Bonjour Québec, the government tourist site, has recommended several amazing places for you to explore.

The best part? Bonjour Québec is currently offering tourist packages for anyone wishing to explore the Belle Province this summer.

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And what a beautiful province it is. There is apparently no limit to what you can do and explore in Quebec.

If you’re a nature lover, hiking and kayaking in a national park might be your best bet. If you love Quebec history and culture, a visit to Quebec City or several colonial towns along the way will fill your heart with joy.

Also known for its excellent cuisine, Quebec foodies can take a trip to some truly breathtaking destinations to enjoy some of the best local cuisine in the province.

These nine addresses are just a sample of what Bonjour Québec recommends. Discover the complete directory of the best places in the province to visit this summer here.

Lower St. Lawrence

A trip to the Lower is a perfect getaway for those who like to explore sweeping natural vistas and quaint little seaside towns.


Eeyou Istchee James Bay

This northern region is a vast wilderness teeming with life and opportunity.



Nicknamed “the land of gold and wide open spaces” by Bonjour Québec, a stay in Abitibi-Témiscamingue can be an incredible journey through history and nature.



A trip to the south shore of the St. Lawrence River will take you through historic towns and amazing landscapes.


Magdalen Islands

Explore one of the most unique maritime communities in Quebec and fall under the spell of the Islands.



We all know how much you love whales, so why not go see them in their natural habitat? And the seals too!


Quebec City

One of Canada’s oldest establishments is also arguably the most beautiful.



Hike (or kayak) through some of the most spectacular fjords this side of Norway.


North Coast

Speaking of northern experiences, head to Minganie and explore Sept-Îles and its surrounding communities.


Here’s to a great summer!

We strongly advise you to check for the most recent updates on potential hazards, Ministry of Health regulations, safety, weather and closures before visiting any location. If you plan to visit a place, respect the environment.


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