7 jobs open in Quebec in Sépaq national parks and nature reserves


There are a ton of Quebec jobs available in the province’s national parks and nature reserves.

Here are seven examples of seasonal positions open in the network of the Society of Outdoor Establishments of Quebec (Sépaq).

Trail builder and maintainer

Salary: $15.66 to $20.61/hour

Who should apply: In what sounds like an outdoor enthusiast’s dream job, the trail builder and maintainer do exactly what they seem to be doing: clearing trees and branches from trails; irrigate runoff away from hiking trails; and even using stones to build new stairs and steps.

Candidates need a secondary 4 (high school) certificate and a few months of experience.

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Maintenance & Infrastructure Manager

Visitors to Mont-Orford National Park in Quebec swim, boat and lay on the beach on a summer day.

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Salary: $45,460 to $77,535/year

Who should apply: According to the job posting, the manager will “plan, coordinate and control day-to-day operations related to park maintenance and infrastructure.” They supervise, for example, the maintenance of vehicles and campsites and the construction of trails.

Applicants must have a college education in a relevant field of study or five years of “equivalent relevant experience in a comparable job,” among other requirements.

Sépaq has open maintenance and infrastructure manager positions in several parks, including Aiguebelle National Park and Opémican National Park, both in Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

More info on the job at Parc national d’Aiguebelle
More info on the profession at Parc national d’Opémican


Salary: $16.46 to $22.78/hour

Who should apply: This person can operate large machinery including rams, loaders, snow blowers, cranes and trucks. The operator will use them to carry out construction and maintenance projects in the Mastigouche wildlife reserve (in the Mauricie and Lanaudière regions).

Candidates need a driver’s license of the relevant class, a certificate “recognized by the competent authority” and two years of experience.

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