5-Day Road Trip Tour: Explore Quebec


The Quebec region, despite being one of the first areas reached by Europeans, has retained much of its natural wonders.

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  • Day 2: Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, QC
  • Day 5: Return to Quebec

The Quebec region, despite being one of the first areas reached by Europeans, has retained much of its natural wonders. Exploring this region will not only reveal the wonderful relics left behind by the French, but will offer a dive into the wonderful ecosystem that has been maintained. A traveler to Quebec should take advantage of this 5 day road trip along the Gaspé Peninsula to get a full taste of the beauty of the surrounding region and to truly see the wonder of this beautiful place.

Day 1: Quebec

With a history of being one of the first French settlements in North America, Quebec City is an attractive destination. From its pretty cobbled streets, French architecture, bakeries and ancient ramparts to the walled city, there is so much to explore. All of this is in conjunction with the lovely natural setting that surrounds the city with its location along the St. Lawrence River.

Restaurant Le Saint Amour

Their professional kitchen is well trained in modern and traditional practices. They do a great job blending the old and the new to deliver a spectacular dining experience.

  • Address – 48 rue Sainte-Ursule, Quebec, Quebec G1R 4E2 Canada
  • Contact – 418-694-0667
  • Cost – $$$$
  • must try – Scallop ceviche
  • Menu

The Leaning Bell Tower

Le Clocher Penché is a fine dining experience that keeps prices reasonable while offering great service and great food. They specialize in seafood dishes but also offer an entirely vegetarian menu. They even do breakfast!

  • Address – 203 St-Joseph East Quartier St-Roch, Quebec, Quebec G1X 5H4 Canada
  • Contact – 418-640-0597
  • Cost -$$-$$$
  • must try – La Faiselle
  • Menu

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Day 2: Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, QC

Travelers shouldn’t wait too long to start this day’s journey. This small town on the edge of the St. Lawrence estuary is also bordered by the Chic-Chocs mountains. This destination is beautiful and full of nature to explore. Whether you want to explore the estuary or hike in the mountains, there is something for every type of traveler.

Mary 4 Pockets

Launched by two young restaurant professionals, Mare 4 Poches serves gourmet cuisine under the gaze of the Chic-Chocs. Its enthusiastic team strives to serve creative dishes using entirely local ingredients, making this destination a must-visit destination for travelers.

  • Address – 111, Boulevard, Sainte Anne des Monts, Quebec G4V 1R5 Canada
  • Contact – 418-763-4775
  • Cost -$
  • Menu

Quay Restaurant

Located on a historic heritage site dating back to 1873, atop Auberge Château Lamontagne, and overlooking the St. Lawrence River, Restaurant du Quai is an aesthetic marvel even before the food is served. Their “bistronomic” menu offers a variety of delicious options and is perfect for all kinds of occasions.

  • Address – 170, 1st Avenue East, Sainte Anne des Monts, Quebec G4V 1A3 Canada
  • Contact – 418-763-7666
  • Cost – $$$$
  • must try – Crab or Lobster
  • Menu

Day 3: Perce, QC

At the very end of the Gaspé Peninsula, travelers will reach the town of Percé. It is perhaps one of the most picturesque and naturally beautiful places in all of Quebec. This destination is popular with tourists with natural wonders such as Percé Rock and Bonaventure Island just off the coast. There are also popular hikes and other places to explore in the surrounding area.

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The Old Factory of Anse-à-Beaufils

A quiet restaurant with beautiful music and an art gallery to complete the ambiance, La Vieille Usine in L’Anse-à-Beaufils serves delicious seafood dishes as well as other local dishes. Their fish soup is amazing as is their fish platter.

  • Address – 55, rue à Bonfils, Percé, Quebec G0C 1G0 Canada
  • Contact – 418-782-2277
  • Cost -$$-$$$
  • must try – The Gaspesian fish platter
  • Menu


Any traveler who enjoys an excellent view in tandem with a superb dining experience should check out Paqbo. They have an extensive menu that should satisfy everyone as well as a bar and terrace for an even better view.

  • Address – 261, Route 132, Percé, Quebec G0C 2L0 Canada
  • Contact – 418-782-2166
  • Cost -$$-$$$
  • must try – Lobster
  • Menu

Day 4: Kamouraska, QC

It’s a long driving day, so travelers should do their best to start early. Coming back along the coastal roads, it’s a last chance to soak up the beautiful scenery along the St. Lawrence River. Kamouraska is considered one of the most beautiful villages in all of Quebec and one must spend time exploring its beautiful places. Any travelers who still crave nature can take a kayaking trip through the water for a chance to encounter wildlife.

East Coast Kamouraska

Not only does Côte Est Kamouraska offer a gourmet menu made up of local cuisine options, but also products from local artisans and breweries. These include unusual beers, creative ciders and natural wines that you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Address – 76 Avenue Morel, Kamouraska, Quebec G0L 1M0 Canada
  • Contact – 418-308-0739
  • Cost -$$-$$$
  • must try – Seal fillet
  • Menu

Lauzier fish shop

Here, visitors can have their meal in the restaurant itself, or they can walk down to the river and enjoy it while watching the sunset. They offer delicious bistros as well as local seafood dishes.

  • Address – 57 avenue Morel Restaurant Poissonnerie, Kamouraska, Quebec G0L 1M0 Canada
  • Contact – 418-492-7988
  • Cost -$$-$$$
  • must try – Lobster roll
  • Menu

Day 5: Return to Quebec

This last leg of the adventure is only a short drive back to Quebec. Travelers should take a moment to enjoy Quebec one last time before marking the official end of their road trip.

  • Distance traveled – 172km (107), 1h47
  • Google Maps
  • Total travel distance – 1,517 km (943 miles)
  • Total travel time – 16 h 51 min (1,517 km)
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