’20 best places to travel in Canada for 2021 ‘includes 2 spots in QC



If you’ve been planning your post-pandemic trip, Vacay.ca’s “20 Best Places to Travel in Canada for 2021” can help you narrow down your options.

But surprisingly, only two places in Quebec made the list.

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The South Okanagan in British Columbia was ranked as the first place to explore in our country this year, thanks to its breathtaking natural scenery, its many culinary options, its myriad of vineyards and the ‘Indigenous culture that connects everything ”.

As to which places The beautiful province made the cut, the trip from Quebec to Tadoussac is in 8th place and the Gaspé in 14th place.

So if you are looking to explore parts of the province that you have never seen before, be sure to keep these places on your list of dream destinations.

What to do in Gaspésie?

If you decide to go explore the Gaspé at any time this year, you will realize that there are a ton of nature parks to see. Besides the parks, there are also forests on forests to cross.

So really, there’s no way for you to be bored – as long as you’re a fan of Mother Nature and what she has to offer.

What does the road from Quebec to Tadoussac look like?

Leaving from Quebec, the capital of the province, you can stroll through Old Quebec, admire the Château Frontenac in all its splendor, explore the Plains of Abraham and stroll along the Petit Champlain discovering all the unique boutiques. that surround you.

Then if the plan is to get in your car and drive to Tadoussac, you will find that this trip takes around three hours from start to finish.

Once there, the Sentier de la Pointe-de-l’Islet is a must. On top of that, there are plenty of other sites to see and historic villages to visit.



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