14 places to see in Quebec that will make you feel like you’re far from home


Discover the beautiful province is something I believe all Quebecers should try to do. We are surrounded by tons of unique places that are all worth exploring. So, to help you know where these cool places are, we’ve created a list of places to see in Quebec that will make you think you are in an entirely new place.

I have always known that Quebec is an amazing province, but after discovering some of these places firsthand, I was in awe of the beauty of our land.

Travel is something that has always fascinated me and over the past few years I have realized that I don’t have to leave the province to take the trip of my life.

Our spectacular province has so much to offer. From historic churches to breathtaking beaches, our province swims in beautiful regions to visit that will leave you wondering where in the world you are!

So, for anyone who’s been bitten by the travel bug, pack your bags and head to one of these phenomenal destinations. I promise you they will make you all cry “Vive le Québec”.

Grande Échouerie beach

Distance from Montreal: 19 hours and 30 minutes

Grande Échouerie beach, located in the Magdalen Islands, is an oceanfront paradise with wide sandy plains and red rock cliffs that plunge dramatically into the sea.

Those who don’t like long journeys by car and ferry can also get there by plane.

Believe me, it’s worth the trip.


Percé Bonaventure Island

Distance from Montreal: 10 hours and 20 minutes

This island of Percé, in Quebec, has one of the most natural beauties in the whole province. So, it’s definitely worth the trip.



Distance from Montreal: 10 hours and 50 minutes

To say this place is beautiful would be an understatement. From museums and restaurants to sites and adventures, this Quebec place is full of incredible things to do and see.


Saguenay Fjord National Park

Distance from Montreal: 5 hours and 30 minutes

The Saguenay Fjord will give you the illusion of being on the other side of the world when in reality you will always be here, in Quebec.


Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve

Distance from Montreal: 13 hours

Mingan National Park will give you some of the most incredible views you have ever seen. The beautiful scenery reminds me of being somewhere in Europe.


Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church

Distance from Montreal: 2 hours and 35 minutes

This European church simply exudes beauty.


Saint-Irénée Beach

Distance from Montreal: 4 hours 38 minutes

This tranquil beach will give you a ton of peace and serenity as soon as your feet touch the sand.


The Seigneury of Île d’Orléans

Distance from Montreal: 3 hours and 15 minutes

These majestic gardens will give you the illusion of strolling through a medieval French garden, ideal for anyone looking to get away from it all.


Plaisance National Park

Distance from Montreal: 1 hour and 40 minutes

This beautiful national park is home to a picturesque waterfall. And if you want a not too strenuous hike, this 1 mile hike is perfect for you.


Ruins of Saint Raphael

Distance from Montreal: 1 hour and 30 minutes

The ruins of Saint-Raphaël may not be in Quebec like the rest of the places on this list, but they are only a 90 minute drive from the city and will make you feel like you are in a country totally different.*

So we felt the need to include them. *



Distance from Montreal: 4 hours and 35 minutes

This quaint town is known for its stunning views and charming surroundings that will instantly wow you.

The small town atmosphere will make you feel like you are far from Montreal!


St-Zotique Beach

Distance from Montreal: 50 minutes

For those of you who fancy a tropical getaway without actually wanting to fly, you’ll be happy to know that St-Zotique Beach will make you feel like you’re in Cuba.


Fall of the Emerald River

Distance from Montreal: 10 hours

This emerald river is truly what vacation dreams are made of.

The magnificent water that you can swim in combined with the breathtaking views will leave you in absolute awe of this place.


Grands-Jardins National Park in Charlevoix

Distance from Montreal: 4 hours

If you are someone who loves epic views and a ton of nature then you are going to want to visit Grands-Jardins National Park. You will not regret it !


Before you go, check out our responsible travel guide to be informed, be safe, be smart and most of all, be respectful during your trip.


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